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Science Department of the USS Kasimar
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MDA Telethon

MDA Telethon

On Monday September 3rd, 6 intrepid members of the Kasimar made their way to the channel 5 television station for this years Muscular Dystrophy telethon.

Your first officer had received notice that he had been scheduled for an on air interview at 10:40 am. But it was not to be. The national broadcast was still going at 10:45. At 11 am the national broadcast took a break allowing the local stations to make their appeal. Of course this threw the local stations off. They gave me a check to present and the MDA official told the emcee that there was an on air interview with the presentation. The emcee, however, had the wrong sheet and after the presentation the cameras went to another part of the studio and I was hustled off.

When it came time for us to man the telephones they put us in with the Shaw's check out tellers and many people didn't know the difference.

Arnold explained that even though we thought that things were messed up, those watching at home probably didn't notice a thing and the local telethon went on as smooth as could be. This was brought out when a friend of ours told us that she saw our interview and it was longer than a check presentation. So we figured out they had used last years interview. I guess your first officer did get interviewed after all.

While we were there Arnold was asked to run for food as the regular runner had not arrived. By the time the day had ended he put a total of 75 miles on his car.

While we might have thought things got a little crazy for a few minutes all went well and we had a good time at the telethon.


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