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Science Department of the USS Kasimar
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September 2007
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Hawking Meeting for March

Hawking Meeting March 25

We gathered at 2 PM on that date after the first bar-b-que of the season.

1. The USS Kasimar had a blood drive on March 17th. Unfortunately on that day we had a blizzard so the turnout was low. There is talk about doing another one in the fall.

2. We will be doing the march of Dimes Walk-a-thon on May 6. This will be a Kasimar sponsored event. It starts at 8 AM.

3. We talked about the various fund raising drives for our 25th club anniversary in 2008.

4. Again we talked about the Challenger Center and helping there. Two Representatives from the club went to the center contact them, however, they had a bus there. We will go again.

5. We talked about a kit and rocket day.

6. We need to start on the Kasimar's 4th of July parade.

7. Can we put helm and nav at the 25th anniversary party?

8. Can we put a 25th anniversary book out with advertisers?

9. We should keep a log book with contact information for the various groups and people we deal with.

March 26 two of us went to look at various places in which we could hold the 25th anniversary party. Yhis was the day we also went to the Challenger Center mentioned above.

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