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Science Department of the USS Kasimar
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Hawkin Meeting


Hawking meeting February 25 2007

Four members of the Hawking met at one o'clock for the meeting of the science department. We discussed some of the projects that the Kasimar wil be participating in this year.

On March 10 the regular meeting of the USS Kasimar will be held at the Salvation army.

On March the annual blood drive will be held at the American Red Cross building.

Last year we participated in the March of Dimes walk. Because of this the March of Dimes has sent us some info and a sign up sheet for this years event. We will contact the club to see if they want to participate in this event again this year.

The 4th of July parade will be coming up in July. For the past two years we have participated in this event as a club. If we want to participate in this years event we should begin our plans now. We will need a trailer for out display (last year we took ops and con)

Last year we participated in the MDA Telethon. It will always be on the Labor day weekend. As a bulk of the telethon is done on the Monday of the weekend, and several people have already left the annual Labor Day camp out we hope that we can make plans for this years event.

We did a kite day in 2005. Sadly the weather was a problem. Afterward past CO Captain Libby said that this is something we might want to consider again. We discussed having such an event again trying to figure when a good time would be. Late July to mid August might be a good time. It was tablet to be discussed later.

Last year we participated in the Levant Old Home Parade and craft show. We discussed whether that is something we would like to do again this year. (There was a bit of a mix up as the times they told us to be there were not correct and we had to stand around for quite a time.) If we want to be part of this (and they would like us to return) do we do the parade and the craft show? Do we do just the craft show or do we sponsor a booth with games for the event? We tossed several ideas around. This was tabled to a later time.

We tossed several fund raising ideas around. Some designed to help a selected group such as the homeless shelter or a selected project such as a church pantry or clothing project. Some ideas were to collect pennies. Could we make a spaghetti supper to raise funds, or do something for the Ronald McDonald House like we some years ago?

Another topic discussed was crafts/ trek sales items. We tossed around several ideas. Possibly we could do a bake sale to raise funds for a charitable organization. Could we resume some sort of recruitment activity with Becky and Sharon when they do their craft show. We memtioned the PDRS form needs to be redone again as some statements in the current one have become outdated.

A lot of our talk centered around the Challenger Center. We hope that we can help this organization.

The day finished with a Pizza party and a Trek-Fest marathon. We all had a good time. We hope to do the same thing next month.

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